I am a recent PhD from New York University. I completed my undergraduate and masters degrees at the University of Pennsylvania in 2011. Currently, I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Anthropology in Dickinson College.

My research addresses anatomical variation and the evolution of phenotypic integration. Recently, I have been working on various aspects of vertebral anatomy in humans and other primates, and on the evolution of cranial anatomy in mammals. I like serially homologous elements, like teeth and vertebrae!

I’m also interested in science outreach and communication, and in improving access to science for everyone. This is especially important now, when facts are increasingly under attack. I strongly believe that everyone should understand science and think scientifically, even if they aren’t professional scientists. I’ve participated in multiple outreach activities in NYC through FabFems and I’ve twice been a judge for the New York City Science and Engineering Fair. I also recently started writing short pieces for general audiences for Medical News Bulletin.

Please feel free to contact me or to follow me on Twitter. I also maintain a ResearchGate account.