photoMSEvolution of the head and neck: My doctoral dissertation research focused on the evolution of the head and neck, especially as it relates to locomotion and posture. For my masters thesis at the University of Pennsylvania, I reviewed the role of environmental influences on the morphology of the jaws and its implications for orthodontics.



Evolution of the hylobatids: I am involved in a series of collaborative projects focused on taxonomy and evolution of the hominoid dentition, particularly in hylobatids. This group includes the gibbons and siamangs, small-bodied apes from eastern and southeastern Asia.



Vertebral variation: Previously I have worked on vertebral formula variation and the vertebral canal in hominins with the goal of clarifying the anatomy of the Homo erectus fossil Nariokotome Boy (KNM-WT 15000). I also have a small project on spondylolysis in the Inuit individuals from Point Hope, Alaska.


Femoral variation: As an undergraduate, I researched variation in femoral morphology in children and its role in age and length estimates. This research focused on archaeological specimens from the Middle East.